How to Publish Through KLP


We are pleased you are considering Kingdom Life Publishing. Dr. Scott Rodin, President of Kingdom Life Publishing, began his vocation in higher education as a seminary president. As he writes in his book, The Steward Leader, Dr. Rodin experienced a personal transformation when he realized that he was driven, building, and owning his life and career. He came to the realization that all of that was actually “owning” him and that God was calling Him to surrender his life in a complete way so that he could truly become a Kingdom steward in every way Jesus intended. Since embarking on that journey, Dr. Rodin has written numerous books and devoted his life to seeing others set free to the steward life, the abundant life that God intended.

That “Kingdom Life” is what this company is all about. We are seeking to promote works and authors who share that fundamental commitment to the journey of the faithful steward and who through their writing, are helping God’s people understand and embrace this journey. Our goal at Kingdom Life Publishing is to develop and promote resources that contribute to this one “Kingdom Life.”

Kingdom Life Publishing partners with authors to bring their manuscripts to print and/or their resources projects (such as videos, teaching materials, etc.) to fruition and production. Dr. Rodin currently takes the lead on all potential projects. He personally interacts with potential authors and projects. What distinguishes his approach is that he also tries to understand your vocation and sense of calling, and he provides helpful input as a professional advocate, theologian, and established leader in the area of Christian stewardship.

Our Publishing Models

Kingdom Life Publishing works on a unique publishing model. Depending on the project and other considerations, we support and sustain the following:

  • KLP Premier Publishing – With this approach Kingdom Life Publishing fully handles and underwrites the editing, book design, printing, promotion and distribution. This would be considered a traditional publishing approach.
  • KLP Partner Publishing – This is a shared approach to the publishing process. Kingdom Life Publishing handles all aspects of editing, book design, printing, promotion and distribution. The underwriting of this process is shared between Kingdom Life Publishing and the author.
  • KLP Self Publishing – With this approach the author chooses the track and product development needed and Kingdom Life Publishing provides all of the needed and wanted publishing services. These services include editing, book design, printing, promotion and distribution.

Our professional services are designed to be suited to your unique project and focus. We do not have a one size fits all approach. Rather we build the team around your specific subject area and audience. From there we support the project. With all of our publishing models, we emphasize personal service and flexibility.


[accordion] [acc_item title=”Editorial”]Kingdom Life Publishing editors are selected for their proficiency, experience and expertise in your field. We match the right person to the focus content of your book. We help you hone in your message and find your unique voice.[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Design”]Our designers provide development of book styles, cover designs, illustration, typography, layout, etc.[/acc_item] [/accordion]