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When Giving Can Become an Excuse for Neglecting Real Generosity: A Reflection from the UK

By Dr. Sas Conradie, Coordinator Global Generosity Network The front page of the monthly newsletter from my church in a small town in England says it all: ‘A double spread on the launch of Foodbank is an ideal example of the church being the instrument of blessing in its local setting.’ Yes, one of the latest crazes in UK churches has come to town – giving out food. Surely this is one of the best .

Stewardship of Our Time

By P.K.D. Lee, former Executive Director, Haggai Institute now living in Hyderabad, India and serving as a Bible Teacher Plautus in 200BC makes the following statement, “The gods confound the man who first found out how to distinguish hours! Confound him, too, who in this place first set up a sun dial, to cut and hack my days so wretchedly into small portions.” Today we are in an era when we are in bondage to time. Our .

The Global Voice of Generosity

This year I have had the opportunity to travel to India, China and Hong Kong (OK, Hong Kong is technically China, but it sure doesn’t feel like it). I have been with Latin American leaders from Central and South America through TWR, Nigerian seminary students and faculty through West Africa Theological Seminary and Asian church and ministry leaders in Bangalore and Beijing. I have met with wonderful new colleagues from Egypt, the Philippines, Europe…and .