Christ-Centered Generosity

Christ-Centered Generosity

Global Perspectives on the Biblical Call to a Generous Life

R. Scott Rodin, Editor

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The Global Generosity Network and Kingdom Life Publishing have partnered to launch the writing and publication of Christ-Centered Generosity. The purpose of the book is to be a primary resource for the global movement of biblical generosity. Our hope is to provide a theologically sound, biblically-based resource for Christian leaders, pastors and the body of Christ on the theme of our call to be faithful stewards who live lives of generosity and joy.


Part I – V

The book opens with a presentation of the journey of the faithful steward and the life of joyful generosity. The objective of Part I is to lay the theological and biblical groundwork for the faithful steward and the generous life. Part I is written by R. Scott Rodin, who also serves as the general editor for the book. Parts II – V are comprised of four primary pieces of work from four perspectives. The authors are P.K.D. Lee [South Asia/India], Edison Quieroz [Latin America], Dennis Tongoi [Africa], and Daniel Hillion [Western Europe]

Generosity Stories

Fifteen authors from twelve countries have written stories of generosity that illustrate the concepts in the book from their different cultural perspectives. Each of the five sections will include three Generosity Stories.


Five authors from different regions of the worlds have written reflections on generosity from their cultural perspectives. The purpose is to help the reader continue to see how generosity is lived out in different vocations and cultural settings.

The Seven-Day Generosity Challenge

This section, written by the heads of seven international ministries, provides an invitation to set aside one week for focus on the Christ-centered generous life. It includes daily scripture, meditations and actions that help the reader embrace and practice joyful generosity in their life in whatever context they live. Each day has a theme and an author/organization that epitomizes that theme. They include scripture, a short reflection and a specific call to action that the reader can accomplish that day, plus insights into how the action can become part of a lifestyle of generosity.

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