Journey of the Faithful Steward

[gn_quote style=”1″]At the heart of the journey of the faithful steward is the call and invitation to full submission of our lives to Christ.[/gn_quote]

journey[gn_dropcap style=”1″ size=”4″]W[/gn_dropcap]e were redeemed to be One-Kingdom people and embrace all of life as a gift that we steward with joyful obedience. We are on a journey from a sinful, two-kingdom lifestyle to becoming one-kingdom people. That journey is a spiritual battle to determine who will be the ultimate lord in every area of our life. The journey is marked by a movement from an old habit to a new life in Christ. One-Kingdom people place everything before God and relinquish ownership of every kind. By proclaiming God as the only true owner of everything at every level, we acknowledge that he is the one Lord of our life. This is an ongoing battle as we journey in faith and allow the power of God to transform our hearts to be rich toward him.

As two-kingdom people we cannot help but live with the attitude of a harvester; one who seeks to accumulate and control as much as possible. We are ‘harvesters’ in our sinful nature as we seek to build our own kingdoms where we play the lord. The journey of the faithful steward will transform our hearts to that of a sower. As such we will seek to sow richly and generously into the lives of everyone around us from a heart that is increasingly rich toward God. At the heart of the journey of the faithful steward is the call and invitation to full submission of our lives to Christ. Our sinful nature wants control, believing the lie that with control comes peace and security. The journey will require our full submission and a willful and joyful relinquishment of control, placing our lives in the total charge of God and God alone. The ultimate posture of the faithful steward is the fully submitted and joyful servant.

The fruit of ownership, harvesting and control is absolute bondage. We experience it in the form of stress, anxiety, fear, depression and despair. Conversely, the fruit of the life of the steward is freedom. It is in freedom that we sow richly and submit fully. Christ came to reveal to us the freedom of the faithful steward as the ultimate one-kingdom life.

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