Part II – One-Kingdom Living

My Second Kingdom Stuff

I confess that I have built a second kingdom over which I play the Lord. I name the following things that I seek to control as part of this second kingdom:

___________________________          ____________________________

___________________________          ____________________________

___________________________          ____________________________

___________________________          ____________________________

“You cannot serve two masters…” Matthew 6:24

My Commitment

Kingdom building touches all four spheres of our life. For that reason it is important to name at least one thing in each sphere that we seek to control as part of our second kingdom.

Today I choose to step off my throne and submit back to you the following things that I keep in my own kingdom.

In my relationship to God:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In my relationship to Myself:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In my relationship to my Neighbor:________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In my relationship to Creation:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My Daily Discipline

The life of the steward leader begins with death.

  1. Pray each day to die to the need and desire to control.
  2. Ask God to give you the faith and strength to step off your throne and rise again as a free and faithful steward.

Download this document here: Part II — One-Kingom Living