Becoming a Steward Leader Spring 2022


Secure your spot for the Spring 2022 Becoming a Steward Leader cohort. We will gather on March 2, 2022 for the Introductory Kickoff Event.  Online course works begins March 7, 2022.

Registration must be paid in full prior to March 7, 2022.



You are about to embark on a life-changing journey. I say this with confidence because when we open ourselves up to the work of the Holy Spirit, we never remain unchanged. I pray that over the next twelve weeks you experience the freedom and joy of the steward leader. Like that of any of life’s great ventures, the success of this journey has much to do with the quality of your preparation. I tell you here at the start that this journey requires commitment, contrition, and courage.

Plan now to commit these next twelve weeks to the Lord. You will think through a number of fundamental questions about your leadership. You will pray, read a daily meditation, and complete your own personal Steward Leader Life Plan. All of this requires a commitment of your time and your openness to let the Holy Spirit work in you and through you.

This process requires contrition, meaning that at every significant step there will be an opportunity to name those things that keep you in bondage and restrict you from leading the way God would have you lead. With a repentant heart that truly seeks to change and start a journey in a new direction, you will see these chains fall.

Finally, this process requires courage. It is likely that you have experienced bondage as a leader for so long that the locks holding the chains in place have rusted. It will take courage to break them open. This means asking hard questions of yourself, being honest with the forces in your life that keep you enslaved, and committing to new habits and disciplines that will help you enjoy your newfound freedom as a leader.

Make a decision here at the beginning to commit yourself to this process, embrace repentance as a step in healing, and ask the Holy Spirit for the courage to do the hard work of opening locks and shedding chains. Be ready to discover new habits and disciplines that will set you free to lead. If you make that decision now, I am confident God will lead you on an incredible journey over the next twelve weeks, a journey to freedom!


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