The Third of Seven Victories of the Generous Spirit

sevenvicgtoriesembedA few years ago a friend introduced me to a revolutionary idea. In our battle against the enemy, one of our greatest weapons is generosity. You may have never considered generosity as a weapon against the enemy. Neither had I. Here is the third of the seven victories that we win every time we perform an act of giving that flows from a generous, Christ-centered spirit.

Victory #3 – It’s all His, I will not Pretend I’m the Owner

There is amazing power in this simple little phrase, “It’s All His.” Here we can see how it becomes a primary weapon in the battle against the enemy. It’s why I encourage you to fill your jar with dirt and put it in a place were you can see it every day. It symbolizes two very important events – the beginning and the end of our existence. Genesis 2 tells us that God formed humanity out of the dust of the ground. And we know that after we die, our bodies will be turned eventually back into that same simple soil. So dirt is how we began, and dirt is where we will end, and in between dirt and dirt…It’s All God’s!

This simple truth challenges us to live as stewards of all of life. Search your heart for signs of fear, anxiety, stress, or dread and see if you can trace them back to something that you’re holding onto, something you have not surrendered fully to Jesus Christ. The enemy is using that exact thing to keep you in bondage. Your greatest weapon is the freedom that comes through a generous heart. Christ has set you free, embrace the journey of the faithful steward and claim your victory.

What kind of life do you want for yourself? Do you recognize the chains that keep you in bondage, that rob you of the life God created you to live, that stress you out and wear you down? Are you listening to the lies of the enemy regarding money, possessions, power, pride and praise? Most importantly, do you want to be free?

The loving God who created you has an amazing vision for your life, and it includes a heart of a faithful steward that is opened up to the world through Christ-centered generosity. I pray that you will embrace that life today. It begins with a simple but profound affirmation, “It’s All His.” To God be the glory