What is God Up To?

I am convinced that God is more concerned with who we are than what we do.  He is more concerned with the transformation of our hearts than the transaction of our business.  I have learned the hard way that He loves us enough to let us falter and fail when we try to live life on our own terms according to our own strength.  He will deny us prosperity if it proves the only road to repentance and faith.

When we lose this perspective we succumb to the sickly, half-way life of the anemic Christian.  We whine when things go wrong and wonder why God won’t answer our prayers and give us the things that make life soft and easy.  We want a cruise-liner Christianity when we are called to take up our posts on a battleship. The all-in life in Christ is the walk of faith that believes that God is up to something important in the most desperate and challenging moments of our lives. He is shaping us into His image, and He will do so at any cost.  Such is his love for us. There is a bigger story happening all around us if we will have eyes to see.

What is God up to in the challenges you are facing right now?  Don’t let what is happening around you distract you from recognizing what He is seeking to do within you.

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