Where are the Prophets?

Where are the Prophets?  We have become a nation dominated by antipathy on one side and apathy on the other.  We are either angry, divided and polarized or we have checked out and just don’t care much anymore.  The angry need to heal and the apathetic need to engage.  We all desperately need a prophetic voice to unite and energize our rapidly declining nation.

But where are the prophets?  Who is standing up and shouting out what we all know but are too afraid to say?

Like what, you ask?  Well, try these for a start.

In December we will hit $17 trillion in national debt.  As a country we are broke!  To get out of debt we need to STOP SPENDING and start paying our bills with current dollars. That will require us all to SACRIFICE!  But who dares to tell us that?

Medicare and Social Security are broken and will not survive, but to fix them we will ALL HAVE TO SACRIFICE!  Who has the moral backbone to stand up and tell us the truth and lead us? Where are they?  Everyone is too afraid of not getting elected or re-elected so NOTHING CHANGES!

China owns over 40% of our national debt.  Does that alarm you?  A nation that routinely persecutes Christians and allies itself with our enemies is about to own more than half of our debt!  Yet every day our government spends more than it takes in.  Republicans scream that we cannot raise taxes and Democrats shout that we cannot cut programs.  And we sit here in between watching our country implode under the weight of our own greed. And NOTHING CHANGES!

Where are the prophets in our political systems?  It is desperately broken.  Are you energized by either presidential candidate?  Are you looking forward to eight more weeks of negative smear ads, superficial TV ‘debates’ and day after day of sound-bite politics? Are you tired of PAC’s telling you what you should think and for whom you should vote?  Washington is so desperately broken, but who is screaming from the rooftops that it is time for revolution and that revolution begins with each of us?  The angry blame others and the apathetic just tune it all out.  And NOTHING CHANGES!

Where are the prophets that speak without regard for the consequences in a culture of hysterical political correctness?  We have lost our moral foundations.  We accept every kind of sexual perversion on television and the movie screen, demand the right to legally murder millions of children through abortion and pass laws that destroy  marriage,  while at the same time we are offended by a manger scene on a library lawn or a prayer for peace at the start of a graduation ceremony.

Where are the prophets who are brave enough to stand up and say, “America, you have lost your way, you have strayed from your God, you have forsaken your first love, and if nothing changes, you will not survive!

Where are the prophets that are willing to say to us, “If you are angry, repent and come back to God with humility and a spirit ready to love your enemy and work for peace.  If you are apathetic, repent and come back to God with a spirit ready to be sent to work for change regardless of the cost.  In either case, STOP HATING and STOP WAITING! It is the only way to heal our land.”

Our only hope is repentance, prayer and a return to God. Do you believe that?  Then DO SOMETHING! Start shouting, loving and serving.  Demand change, hug an enemy and refuse to be silenced.  Take a chance and take a stance!

Where are the prophets?  Perhaps they are us!